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I was lucky enough to go through a 12 week coaching course with Tansy. I am a Mum of 5 and we had had a pretty tough year. Due to this my confidence had spiralled and my home had become chaotic. I had probably over compensated my children for the tough times they had gone through and therefore bounderies had been lost. I felt overwhelmed at life. Tansy and I started the course and I decided I would throw myself in to it as something had to change. I can’t tell you how much Tansy helped me. I gained in confidence and tackled and de cluttered my house, which made us all feel better. I put boundaries back in with my children and most importantly my relationship with my middle son had deteriorated and we are so close now due to me changing. We broke our cycle and I gained his respect back. My nail business is begining to boom as I have the confidence to post and advertise my work again. If there is one thing you can do for yourself I would suggest it would be do a coaching course with Tansy, you won’t regret it.

Nicola Salter

Parent Carer

Tansy, I can never explain or thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. I know this is me making my dreams come true but without your help, I would never have started. You showed me the way and helped me believe in myself enough to take first little step…
Now I feel like I’m running towards them, happily jumping up and down with a massive grin on my face because I know, that whatever I planned for myself, I will achieve it. And remembering our first meeting, you know how big that is coming from me.
Haven’t figured it out yet what I’ve done to deserve you 😉 but you really helped me change my life, helped to lift off the weight that was holding-me down so i could just fly freely. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
All my deepest love


Justyna Radomska


I am so grateful for Tansy and the coaching she has provided me over the last 12 weeks – holding the space for me to explore vulnerabilities and encouraging and challenging me to truly and deeply meet my own needs and value myself. She listens empathically, summarises perceptively, challenges graciously and facilitates a client uncovering what is going on beneath the surface. All of this combined has enabled me to make the changes I desired. Tansy is an awesome coach and her clients will benefit enormously from her coaching and way of being. I wish all of her future clients the same success I have had from working with her.

Anita Gray