My daughter attends a special needs school and I found that her EHCP, which clearly outlined what provision should be in place for her, was not being implemented.  I had so many meetings with the SENCO and was at the end of my tether because they were just not listening to me.  My daughter was arriving home in tears most days saying that the other children were horrible to her.  School had promised me that they would be looking out for her at playtimes to ensure that this didn’t happen.  It got so bad that I considered taking my daughter out of the school.  Tansy was recommended to me by another parent and immediately got on the case.  We spent quite a bit of time so that I could offload all the stress I was feeling and Tansy then helped me write an agenda based on what I wanted to happen at the end of a meeting.  She even contacted everyone to find a convenient date and attended with me.  She took minutes and what people at the school had promised and we arranged a follow-up meeting.  School now feel that they have to do what they said as another professional is holding them to their word.  Tansy was brilliant and she still checks with me that everything is ok.

M.T -Carer for daughter who has Cerebral Palsy


I can’t thank Tansy enough for what she has done for me.  I know she will say that I did the work but I wouldn’t have known what to do without her.  I felt like running away to be honest, looking after dad was so exhausting.  As soon as I sat down he’d need something else and this went on 24 hours – his sleep patters were all over the place.  I felt like I was just existing and I couldn’t see an end – it felt hopeless to me.  I spent most of the first session just talking – Tansy helped me to see things in a different way.  She helped me to ask for help and take it without feeling guilty.  She gave me so many resources that I wouldn’t have known about – who knew that there was a thing called Dementia Cafe where I could meet other carers like myself?  I would recommend Tansy to anyone going through a tough time – she has a gentle way of challenging you when you’re stuck.  I particularly loved her meditations which helped me to sleep and wake up feeling much stronger every day.



R.S -Caring for my father



Tansy really understood what it was like to be a parent of a child with special educational needs.  She understood my stress and tears – she was the first person I felt I could cry and be myself in front of without being judged.  Everyone else thought things were fine – my fault as I didn’t want to be seen as someone who couldn’t cope.  I went through 12 weeks coaching and actually looked forward to each session even though I knew it would be challenging sometimes.  Tansy teaches her clients how to tap into different types of energy – I didn’t know that I was mostly living in Superwoman mode and that if I kept going I would probably burn out.  I had felt on the edge of a breakdown for a long time.  I learned some great tools that I can use whenever things get tough.  Tansy was really flexible too – she understood when I had to rearrange sessions because I couldn’t find a babysitter but luckily that didn’t happen very often.  I know Tansy and her group are still about if I need them in the future.  I really appreciate it Tansy. Many thanks xxx


J.R – Mother of son who has Autism




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