6-Month Group Coaching Programme




Solve the problem of managing your stress and getting your needs met so that you can transform the way you care, reconnect with yourself and feel more in control of your life.




Group Coaching Carers

 Why Choose the Stressed to Strength Group Coaching Programme?

  • Group Coaching allows carers to meet others who share common ground.  It allows connection among a group who may often feel isolated and disconnected from others – and themselves.
  • It allows you and other participants to speak freely & without judgement with others who understand the challenges of caring.
  • Group members are able to share strategies, tools & resources that may have helped them and can help other group members.
  • There is a collective focus that drives the coaching sessions.  Whoever you care for, there are commonalities amongst you all – Stress, Overwhelm, Exhaustion, Risk of Burnout to name just a few.
  • There is the opportunity to set intentions (a key aspect of coaching) – either short-term or long-term.  These can be both individual and collective intentions e.g., all group members may wish to set a shared intention around self-care.
  • In group coaching sessions, each member can offer support and encouragement to others around their intentions and when life is particularly challenging.
  • Accountability for the intentions that group members set  can be shared  not just with the coach but with other members.  Commitments can be shared with each other as well as  setting an intention for the week to be completed by the following session.
  • Group coaching is a more affordable (though no less powerful) option than 1-1 coaching and is often more successful for carers who are seeking similar outcomes from the process e.g., improved stress management etc.

Look what’s included in the Stressed to Strength Membership

  • 24/7 access to a safe and confidential Facebook group community 
  • Weekly 75-minute structured small group coaching sessions via Zoom 
  • Weekly 75-minute “Carer’s Connect” session via Zoom – An opportunity to discuss whatever you like or tap into my expertise with any questions you have
  • A structured 4-Module, 13-lesson online course based on The Calm Carer System 
  • Regular strategies and tools to reduce stress and better manage it as soon as it arises
  • The opportunity to understand and rid yourself of any limiting belief/s that may be holding you back in any area of your life
  • Additional Mindset Hypnotherapy/immersive guided meditation sessions each month which will leave you refreshed and able to cope with a new energy and positivity 
  • Access to my personal & professional expertise in caring and as a carer myself – I will be available to you for the entire 3 months!
  • As a member of the community, you will have the opportunity to continue receiving all of these benefits at a hugely discounted cost (when your initial 6-month programme has finished.)

6exStressed to Strength is more than just a programme – it’s a membership community

  • Includes a  UNIQUE, step-by-step PROVEN SYSTEM that supports every aspect of your life as a carer.  You will gain real clarity to move forward in your caring role in a stronger and more resilient manner.
  • I will support you each week to work through each of the domains in your life that are impacted by your caring role.
  • I will dedicate my extensive personal and professional experience & expertise throughout the 6 months of the programme to your development towards a more sustainable future.
  • I will help you establish your priorities so that you focus your energy where it is most needed


  • Awareness of how to manage challenges of your caring role
  • How to manage the different responsibilities in your life
  • Deep awareness of who you are and what influences your reactions & responses
  • Clarity on your emotions and how to look at them in a different way
  • An understanding of the signs of stress and how to recognise them in yourself
  • Understanding what triggers your stress and the deeper meaning behind them
  • Discover your hopes, dreams & expectations and begin to take steps towards achieving what you want
  • A recognition of the importance of self-care, especially as a carer
  • You will develop your own self-care plan 
  • You will learn what Burnout is and the steps you need to take to avoid it
  • An understanding of the importance of sleep 
  • You will learn how to prioritise your needs and the consequences of putting yourself last on your list
  • You will know how to set appropriate boundaries in an assertive manner
  • You will find yourself feeling a greater sense of power and control whatever the situation
  • You will become your own self-advocate so that you can show up in meetings with professionals fully prepared and confident that you WILL be heard
  • You will leave the Stressed to Strength programme with a deep understanding of the power of healthy habits and how to maintain them

Interested in Signing up for this Transformational Programme?

I know how valuable it is as a carer to get the support you need to remain healthy.  We’re often so busy putting other’s needs ahead of our own that we end up in serious danger of burning out.  The tools & strategies you will learn in this programme are what I developed and used to create The Calm Carer System following my own burnout.  I still use many of these practices to ensure I remain physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually healthy despite being a carer.  Book a call with me if you are serious about making significant and long lasting changes in your life that will carry you through the most challenging of times.


Join today for support, information and to connect with other parent carers like yourself.  I’m live in the group every Tuesday evening at 6pm and again on Friday evenings at 8pm for a relaxation session.