The PERFECT hypnotherapy recording to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control while caring for your loved one

  • Short but powerful to give you instant confidence
  • Time for yourself without feeling guilty
  • Feel the results after just one listen
  • Feel more relaxed and have better sleep
  • Have more energy – feel better about yourselF


I was lucky enough to go through a 12 week coaching course with Tansy. I am a Mum of 5 and we had had a pretty tough year. Due to this my confidence had spiralled and my home had become chaotic. I had probably over compensated my children for the tough times they had gone through and therefore bounderies had been lost. I felt overwhelmed at life. Tansy and I started the course and I decided I would throw myself in to it as something had to change. I can’t tell you how much Tansy helped me. I gained in confidence and tackled and de cluttered my house, which made us all feel better. I put boundaries back in with my children and most importantly my relationship with my middle son had deteriorated and we are so close now due to me changing. We broke our cycle and I gained his respect back. My nail business is begining to boom as I have the confidence to post and advertise my work again. If there is one thing you can do for yourself I would suggest it would be do a coaching course with Tansy, you won’t regret it.


Parent Carer

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