If we know one thing about life, it is that we never know what will happen next!  Having a completed document outlining everything about the person you care for (and even one for yourself) can be so reassuring and stop you worrying if someone else has to take over the caring responsibilities.

I know, as a carer myself, that I’d rather hand some paper over and remain with my daughter if she has to go to hospital.  It can be stressful enough without having to remember the names and doses of the medication they take, how they prefer to communicate, their routines, likes and dislikes etc.

Once completed, it can be amended as necessary and given to anyone involved in the care of your child, parent, partner or friend.  It would have made my life much more simple on the several occasions I had to go to hospital either for myself or one of my children!

Also on the form is a small cut-out version on which you can record the immediate information you might need.  This can be put on your fridge or carried around with you – it could also be useful for your loved one to have with them so that you can be contacted in an emergency.

I have deliberately kept this as a word document so that you can amend it to suit your needs as necessary.  

I hope you find this a useful resource to have.

Much love, Tansy X


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