Why do you need an Advocate?

I have been a Carer’s Advocate for over ten years.  Carers like yourself often come to me because they are having difficulties with professionals – schools, social services, health authorities etc.  I am calm, respectful and organised and will always listen to you.

Have you ever had to attend a meeting and, when you walk into the room, it is filled with professionals all of whom appear to know each other.  You automatically know that you are going to feel excluded, that they will probably use jargon which you don’t understand and you will leave the meeting still not knowing what was decided!

This frustrating and stressful situation is experienced by so many of us.  We dare not speak up in case we sound stupid – that’s even if they will listen to us.

They control the entire meeting.  Their agenda, their timescale, their outcome.

How would it feel if you felt fully prepared for a meeting like this? 

You enter the room  feeling like a queen – serene and with authority but completely calm.

You absolutely know that you will be heard and, if you have requested the meeting, everyone will be working from YOUR agenda.

You will leave the meeting having said what you want to and knowing who is going to do what and by when so that your desired outcome is met

What if this wasn’t a dream but a reality?

From start to finish, I will work alongside you so that YOU are in control.  So that YOUR voice is heard and YOU are taken seriously.

Life as a Carer is hard and stressful enough without continually having to fight battles.  Before you know it, you are so overwhelmed, you are unable to take any action at all!

I will help you:

  • To convene the meeting (if you are calling it)

  • To prepare for any meeting you have to attend

  • Invite those professionals who are working with your child/parent/partner/friend etc.,

  • Prepare the agenda

  • Set the outcome YOU would like

  • Hold those professionals accountable by ensuring that they understand what actions they have agreed to take

  • Set up a review date BEFORE leaving the meeting

  • Send a follow-up email after the meeting to remind everyone present what has been agreed

  • If I am not able to attend any meetings, I will walk through everything with you so that, in the future, you are your own Self-Advocate.

Some of the services I offer:

  • Issues relating to Social Services, such as Carer’s Assessments, Needs Assessments and access to Services
  • Support with transition from Children to Adult Services
  • Education Advice (16 plus)
  • General information and advice relating to Benefits and Housing
  • Form filling (benefits, grants and applications)
  • Support attending meetings/reviews
  • Complaints (support and advice)
  • Liaising with services and professionals to access the best support for families