Are you struggling to remember who you used to be – or the dreams you once had for your life before you became a carer/caregiver?

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Tansy Muller Coaching

Coaching for Mothers whose Children have different abilities

I know what it is to feel exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed as a carer myself. Even when your child becomes an adult – you are still their main carer!


Are you struggling to remember who you used to be – or the dreams you once had for your life before you became a carer?


I will work alongside you to help you transform the way you care so that your energy levels don’t become too depleted, you are able to get your own needs met and you retain your own identity alongside your caring role.

Tansy Muller Carers Coaching

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching is a process whereby you work in partnership with your coach to focus on challenges and/or anxieties that you have identified in your life and which are causing difficulties in moving forward with your intentions and life purpose.  Coaching enables you to come up with your own options and possibilities through careful questioning.  It is different to counselling in that it is future-focused – working towards something you want.
It takes place over a mutually agreed number of sessions, each one enabling you to move closer to your goals and helping you to build resilience and self-esteem.

Who is caring for the carers?

This is a period of great uncertainty. Carers, who often feel isolated when everything is open, are even more alone at this time. No respite as schools are closed, Carers Support Centres and Support groups are closed.  What happens if they get ill, who will look after the person they care for?  The overwhelm and anxiety must be awful.  If you know of a carer – be it a parent carer or someone caring for a partner or parent, try to make contact (safely) with them.  Find out if they need any prescriptions collected, any shopping done – they may be on their own with the person they care for and not be able to leave the house.  Let’s consider this vulnerable group of humans who do such a fantastic job every single day.

Hello, I’m Tansy

Imagine a world in which…

Parent carers – whatever their background, feel acknowledged, supported and valued in society. A world where they are able to be healthy in mind, body and spirit because, as well as looking after others, they are able to have their own needs met and are able to live a purpose-led life free of exhaustion & burnout.  

I was brought to my knees as a carer and had to learn to live by my values and prioritise my own needs.  Tansy Muller Coaching was borne from my mission to support other carers from hitting rock bottom as I did.

1 to 1 coaching



A 3-Month combined group coaching, 4-module online course, monthly mindset hypnotherapy sessions & dedicated Facebook group.


An opportunity to work towards an identified intention with weekly or bi-weekly individual sessions and accountability from an experienced coach


Advocacy Lavender


I know how difficult it is to walk into meetings with professionals to try to get the right support for yourself and for the person you love and care for.  I will help you prepare for and attend difficult meetings with you to ensure your voice is heard.  (Currently an online service)


My Credentials


Certified One of Many Coach

Supporting women to find their purpose and to become the best version of themselves

Solution Focused Therapist

BRIEF Certified counsellor and coach.  We can learn from the past but we can’t continually focus on it with regret!

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

(DHyp)(DClinHyp) Working at a deep level in your subconscious to shift an old, limiting mindset to a new, empowering mindset

NLP Master Practitioner

Including Time Line Therapy and Strategies for eliminating Limiting Beliefs that may be hoding you back


Trainer & workshop Facilitator & Course Creator

Working with carers to improve their quality of life and to avoid burnout

Certified Advocate

20 years working with unpaid family carers to help them achieve the outcomes they want for the person they love and care for

Certified Mediator

20 years Community Mediation & 10 years Professional Mediation

Special Educational Needs Consultant & Transition specialist


35 years experience teaching in mainstream, special schools & colleges for people with disabilities & additional needs

Parent Carer

For two children (now adults) with ASD, ADHD & other co-morbidities and my mother who had mixed-type dementia


Join today for support, information and to connect with other unpaid parent carers like yourself.  I hold a “Coffee & Connect every Friday morning between 11 am and 12 noon via Zoom where you can feel heard without judgement and take some time for yourself.  You can also ask me any questions you have around your role as a parent carer.

I’m live in the group every fourth Friday of the month at 8pm for a relaxation session.  This gives you the opportunity to wind down from the stresses and challenges of the week, and replenish your energy.  You will leave the session feeling relaxed and rested.  This is via Zoom also